We Specialize in Commercial and Industrial projects

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For Concrete Contractor, Primo Construction & Building Inc. is a reliable general contractor and provider of highly specialized new construction and rebuilding projects in the Chicago Metropolitan area. We cover almost anything about construction, concrete improvement and other architectural developments that span from industrial, commercial and general replacing and rebuilding works. For quality and general contracting purposes, we have been the trusted general contractor of Chicago businesses specializing in any concrete activities such as concrete paving, industrial flooring, commercial and industrial concrete resurfacing, tuckpointing, asphalt paving, general concrete paving, and many more.

For Concrete Contractors, please visit our site to see more of Primo’s satisfactory works around Chicago and surrounding areas. It’s the revered reputation and company excellence that make Primo mount clients’ interest for a long time. We use high quality materials or cements, commonly Portland cement, for such services as industrial flooring, concrete paving, asphalt paving, structural concrete, excavating, among others. Another indispensable score why we are persistent and seamlessly approachable as a general contractor for any commercial concrete paving, industrial flooring or general construction project in Chicago is the wider scope of services offered, and, for the best part benefiting Chicago clients, the competitiveness on the budget context.

Concrete Contractor

We handle specialty projects to work out at any Chicago construction sites or any architectural structures, foundations, bridges/overpasses, motorways/roads, runways, parking structures, dams, etc. Primo Construction has been at the forefront of commercial and industrial concrete for the last three decades. Our knowledge and expertise will guide you along your project, ensuring that each phase is done correctly and within the proposed budget. Our specialty has been largely in commercial and industrial projects and this is where our competence is most apt to provide you with the quality and reliability that our clients have been counting on for years. We strive to ensure that you understand the quality of our work, compared to our competitors, and how careful planning can prevent issues down the road. Let us assist in providing you the best service at a competitive price. Choosing PRIMO for concrete contractors will be your best decision, we have different set of rules for our client. A special team of specialists will be allotted to your work, so that you may get your work completed as per your requirements.


With Over 30 Years of Construction Experience

We Specialize in Commercial and industrial projects