Custom Stairs

Stairs for industrial, commercial or residential settings may be designed and built to any specification. If you need assistance determining the right type of stairs, let us help. We can design and implement stairs that are both attractive and functional, and will last for many years down the road. Count on Primo and take a step in the right direction to longevity and functionality in concrete stairs.

Handicap Ramps

Compliance for commercial applications requires handicap accessibility and we are equipped to offer you solutions that are affordable and reliable. Residential access options are also available and provide quality concrete ramps designed for ease of use by disabled patrons and residents. The same standard of work quality goes into every concrete ramp application that we design and pour and meets safety standards.

Wheel Chair Rails

Aside from handicap access ramps, we also provide wheel chair rails to ensure easy accessibility to home or the office. We use the highest quality metals and ensure that the job is done quicky and efficiently to meet budget demands and personal quality expectations.

Heated Concrete Ramps

When weather is an issue, as it is for most of us in the Northern United States, a heated ramp may be the best option to ensure working reliability in extreme conditions. We have been designing and installing these systems for years and can provide a solution that enables you to never disrupt operations. Heated concrete ramps can provide safety and security and only Primo can provide systems that are relied on and have been tried and tested for years.